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Paperback due out 1st March, 2016


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Bustle:  10 books that will bring some summer fun to your cold winter: "This books is deeply transporting and impossible to put down, but it’s filled with really interesting and well-described psychological drama and mystery."

December 28, 2015

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Killer Nashville Book of the Day: "Catherine Chanter’s debut novel, The Well, is nothing short of spectacular. With words that flow as easy and as magical as in author Alice Hoffman’s novels, I was beyond impressed. This novel had me from the mysterious and gut-wrenching beginning to the thrilling end."  

August 12, 2015

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Shore News NJ - Beach Reads with Marjorie Preston:  "In this gripping debut, short-story writer Chanter weaves a horrifying tale of conspiracy, cultism, out-of-control social media, and murder."  July 2, 2015

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Los Angeles Review of Books:  "With Media coverage of California's water conservation issues fresh in my mind, it was easy to understand this novel's treatment of the element as a precious commodity."  June 24, 2015

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Chicago Tribune:  "Psychological, science-fiction mash up - The Well is a debut to remember…."  9 June, 2015

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Minneapolis Star Tribune:  "this exceptional debut channels Margaret Atwood and Gillian Flynn, creating a story that’s speculative and suspenseful." 6 June, 2015

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        Entertainment Weekly

 Entertainment Weekly:  10 Great Summer Thrillers!     12 June, 2015


Carole E. Barrowman in the Journal Sentinel: "Chanter's novel is speculative, suspenseful and deliberately unsettling (think Margaret Atwood in style and tone)."  May 16, 2015

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 The Riveter:  "This genre-bending story convincingly slips between the mystery genre and literary fiction, and this believability—and the writing style—are the novel’s biggest strengths."  May 18, 2015  

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Yakima Herald:  With “The Well,” Catherine Chanter has crafted a very fine dystopian novel of the most delicious kind, where reality is shrouded in mysticism but within a few pages you find yourself embedded in that world. And as the pages turn, you find yourself doubting less and believing more."  May 2015

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emissourian: "Chanter is a poet, and she uses words to paint vivid scenes. There are some absolutely beautiful descriptions in this book. Chanter’s prose does great justice for her love and appreciation of the English countryside…….There is some beautiful and commanding writing here telling a dramatic and suspenseful story."  May 14, 2015

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San Diego Magazine: Books to read this May - a suspenseful story….  May 2015

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Booklist:   Starred print review, “A sure bet for fans of Margaret Atwood’s edgy dystopian fiction, Chanter’s cautionary tale of environmental mayhem and religious fervor is a provocative, tantalizing triumph,”

April 1, 2015  


Library Journal:  a “powerful novel”  “…a story foreshadowing a very possible future ...which will strike a chord with readers of fiction and nonfiction alike"

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Lit/Rant. Blog Review. “a fresh take on a feminist apocalyptic mythic narrative” July 1st, 2015

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The Qwillery:  "The Well is the sort of book that can prompt a sort of empathetic self-examination of personal connections and priorities. Ruth's story will, I believe, stay with me for quite some time. This is truly an exceptional debut."

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Bibliophile's Reverie:  "it’s something that I can’t help but continue to reflect more on, long after I’ve finished it." May 19, 2015

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"She is too fond of books blog:  "a unique and different read,"  May 19, 2015

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Marjorie's World of Books. Blog Reviews.  “I knew from the first page that I was going to love a book. Each and every chapter grabbed my heart and wouldn’t let go.” April 8, 2015









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