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The Guardian


A gripping family tragedy.  Whether Valerie’s death was accidental or linked to Diana provides the tension in this gripping novel, which is filled with the acute psychological insights that distinguished the author’s debut, The Well. Despite some stilted dialogue, Chanter’s gift for depicting emotional upheaval pervades this tale of crumbling families."

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Georgiasbookishthoughts  28.4.18

"WOW. This book has blown me away......The character development left me speechless. I felt so much emotion (initially mostly anger, but that went away). ....I knew not far into The Half Sister that I would give 5 stars, but the ending only confirmed this. This was an absolute whirlwind of a book that I am sure will stick with me for a long time."

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Booksofallkinds  5.4.18

"Dark, disturbing, and sure to leave you feeling unsettled, THE HALF SISTER by Catherine Chanter has an air of gothic horror about it that will slowly draw you in and keep you captive to the very last word."

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BrewandBooksReviews  2.4.18

"The Half Sister is a dark, and almost claustrophobic read that I found hard to put down. Almost Gothic in nature, this book drew me into this uncomfortable story, with characters that both fascinated and angered me. This is an uncomfortable read, touching upon childhood trauma, broken families, and abuse, but the setting is exquisite and the tale beautifully told......(It) is a thought provoking read about family, trauma and morality. I am sure that this book will divide readers, but I found it a dark and compelling read." 

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The List  March 27.3.18

"The Half Sister by Catherine Chanter darkly unfolds with family secrets and moral complexities and slow burning revenge within the haunting setting of WYnhope House.... The young boy's journey of personal growth beyond the difficulties in his past is the emotional back of an eerie, page turning family thriller" 


       From Goodreads:


With themes of loss, grief, revenge and redemption, this novel has all the dramatic ingredients of a modern-day Jacobean tragedy. . . . The flawed characters, damaged by their history of childhood trauma, are finely portrayed in a nuanced study of moral uncertainties, leaving us to contemplate what we would have done in their place. I found this an utterly compelling read which will provide hours of discussion for reading groups!”
– Anne, GoodReads

“A very gripping read. . . . I stayed up late to finish it.”
– Carolyn, GoodReads
From NetGalley
The Half Sister has received multiple 4* and 5* reviews on Netgalley so far, including the following:

“A very satisfying read which will stay with you long after the final page.”
– Kathryn M, Netgally reviewer (4*)

“An interesting and intriguing story which shows the depth and passion surrounding family relationships.  Had me gripped from the beginning with twists and turns throughout.”
– Tracey B, librarian, Netgalley (4*)

“A great read.”
– Pauline S, Netgalley reviewer (5*)


Oxford Mail 1/3/18

Article from The Oxford Mail 1/3/18