Mikey’s Story


"This young boy's journey of personal growth beyond the difficulties

in his past is the emotional backbone of an eerie, page-turning family thriller."  

The List, March 2018


Follow the link to listen to Catherine Chanter talking about mutism in literature on BBC Radio 4 'Open Book', 13 September, 2018: Open Book 


I end the acknowledgements for The Half Sister end with this tribute:

"To all those in the NHS, in social care, in education and charities who believe in the potential of every vulnerable child and who work tirelessly to help them achieve it.”

Mikey’s story in this book is a difficult one, some find it hard to read, others find it hard to understand. There will be those who find Mikey difficult to like.

I do not know Mikey, he is not based on any child I have ever worked with. But I have worked with many children who share some of his history, his challenges and fears and his need for unconditional love. When they have received the right support, I have seen these children make amazing progress.

I work for One-Eighty, a not for profit organization based in Oxford, with teams in West London and Swindon. The charity seeks to re-engage very vulnerable children with education. If you want to find out more about our work, or support us in any way, then log on to: